Peter Morley is a writer with an interest in social and political history.  He has published one book, Orange Juice and Cod Liver Oil: Memoirs of a Baby Boomer, which illuminates the social history of Britain through the story of ordinary folk making their way through the wars, political changes and social advances of the last hundred years or so. After a poor but idyllic childhood in the New Forest he drew early lessons on the social order from teenage years passed as poacher, apprentice, motorcyclist and rower.  Nourished and educated by the welfare state, he eventually progressed to have a successful career in a multinational company, and business travel later provided the opportunity to observe social conditions and attitudes of people around the world.  Family members managed to have significant involvement in most of the wars of the period, including the Crimean war, China wars, Spanish civil war, first world war, Irish war of independence and second world war. There was show business and sporting achievement.  They met royalty, show business personalities and Adolf Hitler.  Small fortunes were won and lost but the welfare state brought health, education and opportunity to the baby boomer generation.  Other literary output includes short stories and poetry, and the current project is a novel set in post-war austerity Britain.  He has been a member of Woking Writers Circle since 2010.